About a few of the songs

My Uncle’s Farm

As a young boy I spent most every Christmas and a week or two every summer with my Uncle Hix (John Hix Stovall) on his farm near Columbia, Mississippi. There was nothing like it. My uncle is a World War II hero and a great man that had a significant influence on my life. He still lives on his farm in the same house he was born in over 80 years ago.

My Dear Jane

My great, great grandfather, William A. Cliburn, died fighting for the confederacy in the battle of Champion Hill on May 16, 1863. He wrote regularly from the battlefield to his wife Jane in nearby Copiah County (Hazlehurst) Mississippi. This song is based on a letter he wrote to Jane shortly before his death. “What an awful thing war is” was taken directly from that letter as is the story warning her to hide their food and grain as he feared the army was headed to Hazlehurst and would likely steal all the food they could find – interestingly, he was referring to the confederate army.

Oscar and the Cat

My granddaughter, Karis, (4 years old) wanted us to write a song together. Of course I thought that was a great idea. I asked her what the song should be about and she said “Oscar” (my dog). So I said, ok what about Oscar. She replied, “about Oscar going poop on a cat”. I suggested several other Oscar themes, but she didn’t like any of them – so Oscar going poop on a cat it is. No surprise, she always wins with me.

Where Did the Time Go?

A year or so ago Madelin and I were talking about how fast time seems to go by now. We talked about how when we were young, time could not go by fast enough. There was always eager anticipation for the next big event. Now, time goes by much too quickly. This song, as many I write, is inspired by and written about her.